ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 17025 RMRS

Personal dosimeters

TLD reader for day-to-day tests

The system is designed to be used:
- For monitoring of radiation exposure of personnel at enterprises (including nuclear power plants) that manufacture or use radioactive materials or ionizing radiation sources, under normal and emergency radiation conditions, and of population in the areas adjacent to the enterprises that use radioactive materials – Pe system class (all)
- For monitoring of environment, residential and industrial buildings, at facilities that use radioactive materials and other sources of ionizing radiation – En system class

Measurement of:
  • Gamma and X-ray personal dose equivalent Hp(10)
  • Neutron personal dose equivalent Hp(10)
  • Lens dose equivalent Hp(3)
  • Skin dose equivalent Hp(0.07)
  • Ambient dose equivalent H*(10) of photon radiation
The principle of operation is based on the energy accumulation by ionizing radiation. The stored (by heating the detector) energy is released in the form of light and electronic device records the installation.
Direct reading electronic gamma dosimeter for radiation exposure of personnel monitoring. Designed for harsh environments, the dosimeter can be used stand-alone or as a part of an automated system of personal dosimetry control.
Rugged design, direct reading personal electronic dosimeter for monitoring of exposure to gamma and neutron radiation. The principle of neutron detection allows to calculate correct dose value regardless of the neutron emission spectrum.
Automation of exposure monitoring of employees using dosimeters DVS-02D and DKG-05D during planned and unplanned radiation operations.

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