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Area Monitor "Fregat"

Area Monitor "Fregat"

Area Monitor “Fregat” is designed for building relatively simple and inexpensive radiation monitoring systems at such facilities as radionuclide sources storage areas, isotope products warehouses, nuclear medicine departments, PET centers, calibration laboratories where sources of ionizing radiation are used, etc.

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Small scale automated radiation monitoring systems built with “Fregat” components, featuring audible and visual alarms, are ideally suitable to meet the regulatory radiation safety requirements.

Area monitor “Fregat” requires virtually no adjustment; it is simple and convenient for installation and during operation.

Outline of “Fregat” system

Measuring units

Display means

Area monitor "Fregat"

Components of “Fregat” system:

Display of monitored parameters values received from external measuring devices
Continuous automatic monitoring of the ambient dose equivalent rate.
Generation visual signals of the excess of preset thresholds
Measurement of continuous and pulsed gamma and X-ray radiation.
PMT dark current is compensated electronically, no mechanical shutter inside probe.
Generation audible signals of the excess of preset thresholds
Continuous automatic monitoring of the neutron-radiations ambient dose equivalent rate.
  • Spherical polyethylene moderator Ø 239 mm
Remote display unit
Illuminated warning signs employ LED technology to provide a high reliability and brightness indication

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