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BDPG-96 probe

BDPG-96 probe
Used for searching gamma radiation sources and inspection of local area with radiation pollution


scintillator NaI(Tl) Ø 25×40 mm

Flux measurement range of gamma radiation (for Cs-137)

10 ÷ 8000 s-1·cm-2

Dose rate measurement range for Cs-137, H*(10)

0.1 ÷ 100 μSv/h

Sensitivity for Cs-137

500 (pulses·s-1)/( μSv·h-1)

Protection index


Telescopic pole length0.7 m

Overall dimensions, weight

50×190×480 mm, 1.0 kg

Dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96
Popular dosimeter-radiometer distinguished by its reliability and a wide choice of detectors suitable for all main applications of dosimetry and radiometry. As a result of modernization in 2008, the DKS-96 was equipped with a large graphic display, improved software and wide service functionality (see “features”). Two models of the DKS-96 control unit are available – UIK-05 and UIK-06.
BDZA-96 probe
Standard 70 cm2 probe for alpha radiation measurements
BDZA-96B probe
Large area probe for alpha radiation measurements. Recommended for contamination monitoring of hands.
BDZA-96M probe
Small area probe for alpha radiation measurements
BDZA-96S probe
Medium area 30 cm2 probe for alpha radiation measurements.
BDZA-96T probe
Probe intended for measurements of alpha contamination of non-easily-testable objects and in hard-to-reach places.
BDZB-96 probe
Standard probe for measurement of beta particles flux density and evaluation of gamma radiation dose rate.
BDZB-99 probe
Probe with gas discharge counter (mica window) for measurement of beta particles flux density and evaluation of gamma radiation dose rate.
BDZB-96b probe
Probe automatically compensates for gamma radiation contribution to the measurement results. Suitable for contamination monitoring of hands and cloth.
BDZB-96S probe
Probe for measurement of beta radiation with Beta-2 counter.
BDKS-96b probe
Probe for measurement of continuous and pulsed gamma and X-ray radiation.
PMT dark current is compensated electronically, no mechanical shutter inside probe.
BDKS-96S probe
Probe for measurement of gamma and beta radiation (accompanied by gamma background).
Automatic compensation for gamma background during beta measurements.
BDMG-96 probe
Wide range probe for gamma radiation with automatic switch between scales for low and high dose rate values.
BDVG-96 probe
Probe with unbeaten (unsurpassed, the best) sensitivity to gamma radiation (in the Russian Federation).
BDPG-96M probe
Probe with sensitivity sufficient for survey applications. Suitable for detection of radiation sources in hard-to-reach places.
BDKG-96 probe
Probe with stainless steel casing for geologic applications, well logging, concentration inspection of radioactive substances in the soil, the pulp and water.
BDMN-96 probe
Detector unit with moderator for measurement of neutron dose and dose rate measurements.
BDPS-96 probe
Probe for alpha and beta radiation measurements
BDKN-96 probe
Probe for measurements of dose rate, power flux density and neutron dose from PuBe

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