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Detector unit BDMN-100 / BDMN-200. Detecting device UDMN-100

Detector unit BDMN-100 / BDMN-200. Detecting device UDMN-100

Continuous automatic monitoring of the neutron-radiations ambient dose equivalent rate.
  • Spherical polyethylene moderator Ø 239 mm

Reference standards
Nuclear: IEC 61005, IEC 61322
EMC: IEC 61010, IEC 61000-6-2
Seismic: IEC 60980

Physical characteristics

Detector – scintillator ZnS(Ag)

Measurement range:

Energy range:

Temperature range:

Electrical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Overall dimensions, weight:


BOP-1M/BOP-1MD: Data processing and transmission unit
  • Processing of data incoming from detecting blocks UDMN-100, DBG-S11D, UDKG-100, BDMG-101, BDRG - 47R
  • Data transmission to the network
  • Data transmission to the mobile computer
  • Storage of thresholds values and parameters of detecting blocks
  • Power supply and diagnostics of detecting blocks
  • Generation of the alarm signals of the excess of preset thresholds
  • Data backup in the non-volatile memory
  • Display of measured values on external display devices or on the integrated display (BOP-1MD)

Unit, device


Output signal

Cable length

Overall dimensions, weight


unit BDMN -100

pulses (counting)

up to 20 m

254×256×320 mm, 11.3 kg


unit BDMN-200


up to 500 m

254×256×320 mm, 11.3 kg


unit BDMN-100-07, interface unit BS-12


up to 500 m


254×256×320 mm, 11.3 kg


176×80×64 mm, 0.8 kg

Radiation monitoring system (RMS) "Pelikan"
The RMS "Pelikan" is installed and operating at about 20 facilities representing different industries, at three research reactors, two nuclear power plants and aboard the ice-breaker "50 Years of Victory".

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