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Dosimeter DKG-09D

Dosimeter DKG-09D

Highly sensitive gamma radiation dosimeter.

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Physical characteristics

Electrical characteristics

Mechanical characteristics

Environmental characteristics

STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver
If the required drivers are not installed on your PC, you can download them from the official website by clicking on the link above.

"Configurator" may be used for testing, configuration, calibration, data analysis, optimization and graduation devices. The program supports the following device: BOP; UDA-1AB; UDG-1B; BOP-1S; BOP-1M, DKG-09D, MKS-17D. With the help of the "Configurator" you can read the information about the internal state of the device, display information about possible errors and failures in his work, tune individual settings or switch his mode of operation. In addition, you can take away archived data measurements and workers spectra for further analysis. Version:

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