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ANRI Magazine


Publisher of the "ANRI" journal is a subdivision of the scientific and producing company "Doza", one of the largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment for the radiation monitoring in Russia and CIS countries. Publishing office was launched in 1995 to cover urgent problems and news in the sphere of radiation monitoring equipment, methods and metrology.


The «ANRI» journal is entirely devoted to nuclear safety and radiation monitoring. Today, according to many experts, ANRI is the most authoritative publication in this sphere. The journal regularly publishes research articles, reviews, new draft regulations, practical recommendations, guidelines, training and discussion papers, articles on new measuring instruments.

The journal is included in the "List of leading scientific magazines and editions in the Russian Federation", where the results of scientific investigations are to be published for defending a thesis (Education Ministry VAC bulletin).

For many professionals involved in radiation monitoring and radiation safety, ANRI is a bible, not only publishing scientific articles, but also quickly and professionally highlighting the main events in this area.

The journal is published four times a year and is sent to subscribers by regular mail.

The journal is registered by the Committee for Press of the Russian Federation on January 24th, 1995,


  • SPC "Doza"
  • The State Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance of the Russian Federation
  • Metrological Academy of the Russian Federation

ISSN 2075-1338. Published quarterly. Volume 72-80 pp.


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