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SPC Doza investment program is connected with construction of our own production complex in Zelenograd that is to be complete this year. The construction of a 4-storey building with total area more than 13,000 m2 began in December 2020. This complex consists of two buildings: a production building, area 10,605 m2 and an administrative one, area 2,377 m2, which are united by an atrium.

The layout of the complex will allow us to organize a continuous production cycle of radiation monitoring equipment. When the complex is put into operation, the company's area will increase more than three times.

Our complex is designed with light-blue aluminum panels, terra-cotta facing slabs and large windows that will provide lots of light inside. In addition to production facilities, the project includes rooms for conducting experiments, meeting and recreation rooms a cafe and a dining room as well as a spacious conference hall and separate rooms for various types of training.

As for the landscape you will see convenient pedestrian paths, park lights, picturesque recreation areas and three-level lighting. The atrium will house a "green" area with real trees and ornamental shrubs. It will make up for the shortage of summer in our climatic zone and support the traditions of landscape architecture of Zelenograd.

Alongside with moving to a new place, Doza plans to upgrade production equipment and metrological service, as well as to purchase new machines. The relocation and modernization of equipment will increase the number of scientific research and development, build up the volumes of production and sales, increase the number of workplaces and production capacity.

Architectural and urban planning solution of SPC Doza new building