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System Fregat installation and commissioning completed at one of the largest radiotherapy and nuclear medicine center in Moscow.


The engineers of SPC Doza have completed commissioning work of Radiation Monitoring System "Fregat" at the radiotherapy and nuclear medical center MEDSI. The center is located in the north-western part of Moscow region and provides high-tech medical care in the radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. RMS Fregat is one of the most popular radiation monitoring systems manufactured by SPC Doza. The system is dedicated for non-critical applications where self-sustained chain reaction (SSCR) is not possible at any circumstances. With its low-cost design and easy-deployment capabilities Fregat successfully operates in oncology clinics, hospitals, centers of nuclear medicine, as well as scientific and research laboratories, storages of radioactive isotopes and similar facilities. RMS Fregat provides an effective solution for both Individual radiation exposure monitoring and automated environmental radiation monitoring in certain areas.