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SPC Doza to supply Radiation Monitoring Systems for the new Russian floating nuclear power units


SPC Doza has signed a contract with Concern Aurora for Automated Radiation Monitoring Systems "Phoenix" for four floating nuclear power units. Concern Aurora is the largest Russian enterprise in the field of vessel and ship control automation.

The design of the floating nuclear power units is a new version of the existing floating NPP Akademik Lomonosov, which is already in a commercial operation at Pevek in the Russian Arctic.

Phoenix is an Automated Radiation Monitoring System developed by SPC Doza to monitor radiation parameters of nuclear icebreakers, ships and floating structures. It belongs to the fifth generation of radiation monitoring systems and has no analogues in the world. Due to innovative engineering solutions, high degree of standardization and use of state-of-the-art information technologies, a unique combination of reliability and operating convenience has been achieved.

Phoenix is installed and performs continuous radiation monitoring on the nuclear icebreakers 50 Let Pobedy, Arktika, Ural, Sibir and vessel Rossita.