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SPC Doza takes part in sea trials of nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural"


On October 14, the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Ural" of Project 22 220 left St. Petersburg for the Baltic Sea and began to conduct the program of builders sea trials. Environmental radiation on the icebreaker is monitored with the Automated Radiation Monitoring System "Phoenix", marine version.

During three weeks, the team of Baltic Shipyard together with the representatives of contractors will check the operation of all mechanisms and equipment of the nuclear-powered icebreaker. Specialists of engineering support department of SPC Doza take part in the trials. Their tasks include checking operability of radiation monitoring equipment under various operating modes of reactor units, as well as training of the icebreakers crew members for the basics of operation and maintenance of this system.

ARMS "Phoenix", marine version, was developed for the Project 22220 icebreakers. The system includes 120 monitoring points of radiation parameters, 100 monitoring points of non-radiation parameters, as well as monitoring of contamination with radioactive substances of the skin, overalls and personal dosimetric monitoring of the personnel.