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Workshop at SPC Doza for students of Rosatom Technical Academy


As part of curriculum of the advanced training courses at the Rosatom Technical Academy, a visit to the enterprise SPC Doza took place. The courses at Technical Academy are held on a regular basis. The organizers of the courses see one of the key tools for training the specialists in a direct contact with leading developers and manufacturers of radiation measuring equipment. To implement a systematic approach to training, the Academy organizes for its students the visits to production facility.

This time, the group included leading specialists of companies that are under auspices of Rosatom, such as FSUE Radon, Novovoronezh NPP, Kursk NPP, JSC Atomenergoremont (KuAER), JSC Atomenergoproekt, Novovoronezh branch of Atomtehenergo (NWATE), JSC VNIIAES, FSUE VNIIA", UAT (Glazov, Udmurt Republic), JSC Rusatom Service, FSUE NORWM, FSUE Alexandrov NITI, JSC NIKIET, JSC OKB GIDROPRESS.

During the visit, the students were able to become familiar with the new developments of SPC Doza, visited an assembly work area of the hand-foot-clothing monitors RZBA-07D and whole body contamination monitors RZBA-09D, electronic assembly shop, quality assurance department, and also visited a construction site where a new production complex building, area 13,000 m2, is completed.

Oksana Alexandrova, Lead Expert of the training and methodological centre for nuclear and radiation safety of Rosatom Technical Academy, shared her impressions of the visit:

"Only positive emotions remain from each visit to Doza. I enjoy visiting you, it is always interesting. Now, under conditions of total western sanctions, an acquaintance with the Russian manufacturer of radiation monitoring instruments is not only of current importance, but also has an undoubted practical benefit. In the production workshops, design departments, we can see new, just manufactured equipment, which functionality can be immediately on-site tested live and evaluated.

Here we directly receive meaningful explanations and comments from the developers of these remarkable devices. It is worth noting that equipment quality is not inferior to the best foreign analogues, and even significantly exceeds them in a number of technical characteristics, which fully corresponds to the current trends of import substitution in Russia.

For specialists working in the field of nuclear energy use, it is extremely useful to get acquainted with new unique devices by following the cycle of their creation in a direct production environment. Here, in a kind of special atmosphere, various issues on merits of the presented developments of SPC Doza were discussed. And the guests received comprehensive and clear first-hand information. Also, the students through their independent opinion, which is formed on the basis of equipment operating experience at their facilities, were able to participate in the modernization process.

It's nice to see that the company is not standing still, but actively develops and confidently looks to the future. The new production complex of SPC Doza struck with its scale. We are looking forward to its commissioning, and we hope that our visits to the enterprise will become even more interesting and useful. I want to come to you more often. We are going to strengthen our cooperation."


Autonomous nonprofit organization of additional professional education "Rosatom Technical Academy" is an organization dedicated to continuing professional education, professional retraining of managers and specialists of nuclear energy and industry, personnel certification. It is an international training and methodological centre in nuclear safety field to train specialists of CIS states and other interested ones in the field of accounting, control and physical security of nuclear installations, detection of nuclear materials (NM) and radioactive substances (RS), nuclear forensics and response to nuclear incidents with NM and RS use. The Technical Academy has 5 training sites: in Obninsk, Novovoronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sosnovy Bor.