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SPC Doza is preparing the Survey unit BDPI of gamma bearing for serial production


SPC Doza presents a new development, high-sensitivity survey unit BDPI to determine the direction to an ionizing radiation source (gamma bearing).

The Survey unit BDPI includes 6 high-sensitivity detectors based on NaI(Tl) scintillators combined with PMT, the signals from which are processed according to the special algorithm and the results are displayed on the computer screen.

The gamma bearing finder allows you to determine the direction to a point source with accuracy 10 º at double excess of background, response time 10 s.

If the dose rate changes, the device automatically restarts and performs a new measurement, i.e. the operator does not need to start all new measurements manually.

In addition to the bearing, this survey unit allows you to evaluate the energy and ambient dose equivalent rate (ADER) of the radiation source.

The device can be used both independently and in conjunction with other equipment, such as, for example, the survey system Gamma-sensor. The equipment will find its application in mobile radiological laboratories, at production using radiation sources, at RW disposal and burial facilities.