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Start-up and commissioning of the RMS Pelikan in the new PET centre of Novosibirsk completed


The specialists of Engineering Support Department of SPC Dosa have completed the start-up and commissioning of the Radiation Monitoring System UDKS-01 "Pelikan" in the newly built PET centre "Topatomklinik", Novosibirsk.

In addition to this Radiation Monitoring System, the healthcare facility has been supplied with personal wearable dosimeters for the staff and the Hand-Foot-Contamination Monitor RZBA-07D , an easy-to-operate Monitor that makes the contamination monitoring as convenient as possible. Voice guidance and visual instructions on its touch screen help to correct the hands and feet position quickly and its ergonomic design allows people of any body type to feel comfortable. Its large touch screen provides a high-quality image that is clearly visible in any light.

SPC Doza has an extensive experience in delivering all necessary equipment of radiation monitoring of its own production to healthcare centres, which provides effective solutions for all tasks of individual dosimetric monitoring of personnel, assessment of doses received by patients, and full automated monitoring of radiation environment in the premises.