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SPC Doza delivered a batch of radiation monitoring equipment for Mayak PA, FSUE


SPC Doza has manufactured and delivered a large batch of radiation monitoring equipment upon request of the reactor plant Mayak Production Association, FSUE, Ozersk.

The delivery included a new innovative development of the company the Photon Dosimeter DBG-S101D. This instrument is capable of measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (ADER) and absorbed dose rate (ADR) in air for X-ray and gamma radiation. It is designed for environmental radiation monitoring at facilities related to production, processing and use of radioactive materials.

The dosimeter consists of an ionization chamber module and an electrometric interface unit connected by a cable up to 50 meters long with removable connections. That makes the installation and maintenance process easier, and makes the instrument more convenient to operate. A competitive advantage of this new development is the fact that the detector unit of DBG-S101D simultaneously measures ADER and ADR, and it is certified as a measuring instrument of these two characteristics. The ionization chamber allows you to measure a wide range of values from the smallest to the biggest ones. As a rule, different cameras are used to measure different quantities. Thus, the developers of SPC Doza managed to combine the functions of several instruments in one energy-efficient and compact device.

The delivery content also included as follows:

  • Iodine Monitors UDI-1B;
  • Particulate Monitors UDA-1AB;
  • Air Flow Parameter Monitors UPPVM.

The equipment has been manufactured, tested and shipped to the customer.