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SPC Doza receives licenses for new types of activities


SPC Doza received 8 licenses for its new types of activities in 2021 and three licenses in the first quarter of 2022. Seven more licenses will be received by the end of the year.

These licenses allow the company to engage in such activities as:

  • engineering and manufacture of equipment for storage facilities, critical stands and other facilities of nuclear energy use;
  • design and engineering of various nuclear installations, such as structures, complexes, installations with nuclear materials intended for production, processing, transportation of nuclear fuel and nuclear materials, research nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants;
  • construction of ships and other watercrafts with nuclear reactors, nuclear maintenance ships containing nuclear materials.

Also SPC Doza works on including its devices and equipment into the State Register of measuring instruments. This year tests for the purpose of measuring instrument type approval of a new photon dosimeter DBG-S101D have been passed, now tests of ERMS for the Gremikha division of NWC SevRAO, RMS for the divisions of Andreeva Bay and Gremikha of NWC SevRAO are under way. Along with that SPC Doza works on certifying products in the field of nuclear energy use. In the first quarter of 2022 a certificate of Facility of Nuclear Energy Use (FNEU/ OIAE) for the Process Media Monitors UDGP-01 was received. Within the scope of work to confirm the validity of previously issued certificates in the field of nuclear energy use, an inspection control at SPC Doza was passed, thereby the OIAE certificates of such products as the Data Collection Station SSD-02D and Remote Display and Alarm Unit BI-3 were confirmed.