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SPC Doza has delivered Radiation Monitoring Systems to medical institutions


This year the specialists of Engineering Support department of SPC Doza have completed installation and commissioning work of ARMS "Fregat" in large medical institutions, such as the Multifunctional medical centre on the territory of 1469th Naval Clinical Hospital, Severomorsk, Central Clinical Hospital of Administrative directorate of RF President, Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Centre of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. The companys partners have installed ARMS "Fregat" at a brachytherapy apparatus in the Republican Oncology Dispensary, Kazan.

Also installation and commissioning work of Radiation Monitoring System UDKS-01 "Pelikan" on the territory of Nuclear Medicine Centre, Ulan-Ude, has been completed.

These systems automatically monitor the radiation background in premises and, in case of its increase, inform the specialists about it by means of visual and audible signals. Moreover, these systems control the actuating mechanisms (door locks, ventilation cutoff and specialized signaling devices) that in case of emergency provide physical barriers on the way of ionizing radiation propagation to protect personnel and patients. Modern software allows automated collection, processing and storage of all monitored parameters of radiation situation.