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SPC Doza produces radiation monitoring equipment for Rostov NPP


As part of order execution for Rostov NPP on modernization of equipmentAKRB-03 "Seyval" at the 1st power unit, SPC Doza produces a batch of Steam generator leakage monitors UDGP-01.

In its configuration there are spectrometric detector units BDEG-03 to register sources of gamma radiation. These detector units are instruments in sealed enclosures, in which scintillation detectors, power supply and pulse amplification units, as well as analog-to-digital converter boards are placed.

UDGP-01 monitors are intended to determine the volumetric activities of gamma-emitting radionuclides in various process streams and to transmit spectrometric information via the local network. The scintillation detector units allow not only timely detecting the leakages, but also determining with high accuracy their nuclide composition.

Back in 2003 the Steam generator leakage monitor UDGP-01 became a basis for the Automated Radiation Monitoring System of steam generators leakages at Volgodonsk NPP. By that time a gained experience of operating steam generators at NPP with PWR (VVER) showed that there is a possibility of sudden and rapid development of defects in the heat exchange pipes and collectors, which lead to a leakage of radioactive coolant of primary circuit into the water of steam generator, the process media of secondary circuit and the environment. In this regard, the Automated Radiation Monitoring Systems for detecting leakages of steam generators ASRK-PG were required. The supply project was successfully completed in 2006.

Photo: assembling and setup process of the spectrometric detector units BDEG-03 for Rostov NPP.