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About environmental policy of SPC Doza in article on website of Moscow Mayor


Moscow manufacturer of instrumentation recycles up to 70 percent of waste.

Since 2021 the capital manufacturer of radiation monitoring systems and instrumentation SPC Doza has been sending 70 percent of its production waste for recycling. A separate waste collection program helps the company to increase its recycling level by 5-10 percent annually. The manufacturer has been implementing the environmental management elements into its activities since 2009, and recycling program since 2017. The company realizes on-site waste collection and sorting from its industrial, office and domestic premises and transfers the allocated recyclable materials to its partners for further processing.

Environmental initiatives have become an important part of social responsibility of metropolitan industrial enterprises. Our industrialists actively introduce into production solutions that reduce the negative environmental impact. For example, a Moscow manufacturer of radiation monitoring systems has developed a separate waste collection program and already increased its recycling level up to 70 percent. The company plans are further increase of recycling level by 5-10 percent annually, said Alexander Prokhorov, head of Investment and Industrial Policy department that is part of Complex for economic policy and property and land relations of Moscow.

To make a ton of paper, you need to cut down and process 25 trees over 10 years old. In terms of units of resources consumed during paper production, last year the waste paper transferred by our enterprise for recycling saved more than 150 trees and about 150 thousand liters of water, said Sc.D. Regina Egorkina, ecologist of SPC Doza.

Last year SPC Doza modernized its accounting system of goods packaging and packaging materials used, which increased the company's capabilities for recycling. The company is to introduce a mechanism of extended producer responsibility (EPR) of goods and packaging for their disposal. The production actively continues increasing the recycled waste volume. This will also be facilitated by commissioning of a new production building in 2022, in project of which the company has planned a number of environmental measures. There will be special sites to collect, sort and send for recycling all waste generated by the enterprise.