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Equipment of SPC Doza will monitor radiological conditions at Kursk NPP


SPC Doza maintained its deliveries of radiation monitoring equipment to Kursk NPP in 2021. Within the frame of implementation of projects for the Radioactive Waste Processing Complex, the equipment that allows performance of a wide spectrum of tasks was manufactured and supplied. The scope of deliveries includes monitors of parameters of gas and aerosol effluents, monitors of surface contamination of the skin and overalls of the personnel and the equipment of a stationary radiation monitoring system.

Gas-aerosol and iodine effluent monitoring systems were developed and manufactured according to the customer's needs, which included:

  • Particulate monitor UDA-1AB
  • Iodine monitor UDI-1B
  • Noble gas monitor UDG-1B
  • The systems also include temperature sensors that measure the sample temperature to calculate the effluent as accurately as possible.

    The systems are distinguished by the 3rd safety class certification.

    SPC Doza also supplied large consignments of the Hand-foot-contamination monitors RZBA-07D and a new development of the company, Whole body contamination monitors RZBA-09D, which serial production has begun this year.

    This year the equipment deliveries for Kursk NPP were maintained simultaneously under 5 contracts. In this connection a method of project portfolio management was implemented, which made provision for a unified information field for the customer and enterprise employees, promoted the use of typed approaches in solving tasks for this object for each contract, made it possible to manage the total project budget and laid the foundation for further development and improvement. Next year the experience gained in project portfolio management will be used in implementation of 6 parallel contracts for Rostov NPP and 3 contracts for Mayak Production Association, active work on which commences at the very beginning of 2022.