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SPC Doza supplied the whole body contamination monitors RZBA-09D for Balakovo NPP


RZBA-09D monitors manufactured by SPC Doza have successfully passed an incoming inspection at the affiliate of Rosenergoatom, JSC Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant. RZBA-09D monitors were manufactured with the use of modern lean production tools according to Rosatom Production System (RPS) principles.

RZBA-09D is a new development of the company, serial production of which has begun this year. A new type of whole body contamination monitors was developed by specialists of SPC Doza for NPPs. The monitors comply with the requirements of regulatory documents applied at the design and operation stages of nuclear power plants, as well as IEC requirements.

RZBA-09D allows you to perform a full cycle of measurements for a minimum time. They are designed to control employees leaving the area with possible contamination by alpha and beta radionuclides at nuclear power enterprises and facilities related to radioactive waste storage and processing. The monitors are very convenient in operation and their voice and visual prompts throughout the whole process of measurement allow employees of any qualification to use them.

A specialty of this new development is 24 high-sensitivity detector units of SPC Doza own production, which allow measuring the contamination of employee's whole body, including their head, sides of arms and legs. A large touch screen provides an image of high quality that is clearly visible in any light. An automatic compensation of external gamma background is provided for each measurement, and theres a feature of videocam connection to the monitor for video recording of the measurement procedure. Technical characteristics of RZBA-09D comply with the requirements of Standard of Organization, and for a number of parameters even exceed them.

SPC Doza has been successfully cooperating with Balakovo NPP for a long time, supplying it with a wide range of complexes and technical means of own production to monitor radiation situation.


Balakovo NPP is one of the largest nuclear power enterprises in Russia. The reactors of VVER-1000 type are operated at the plant. Currently, it generates about 30 billion kWh of electricity annually. The share of Balakovo NPP in total generation of electricity produced in Saratov region is more than 75%. Its electricity is supplied to consumers of Volga region, Central Russia, the Urals and Siberia.

SPC Doza is a leading developer and manufacturer of radiation monitoring instruments and systems. The company's equipment monitors radiation safety parameters at NPPs not only in Russia, but also in the near- and far-abroad countries.