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Alexey Nurlybaev, General Director of SPC Doza, took part in a meeting of Project Office for Moscow investment climate improvement


Representatives of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy and Department of Environmental Management and Protection, the RF Ministry of Economic Development, as well as heads of leading industrial enterprises from various industries took part in the meeting.

The main topic of the meeting was a discussion of sustainable development strategy goals, as well as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards. Plans were announced to create an environmental standard for the capital's industrial enterprises, when the environmental friendliness of production sites will be assessed by a number of criteria and indicators. Such as: volume of emissions during the production process, efficiency of use of electricity and room heating, volume of generation of industrial waste and its eco-friendly disposal, as well as involvement of waste in closed-cycle economic models.

According to Alexey Nurlybayev, social responsibility and a focus on eco-friendly production have become important vectors of industrial development all over the world. And they directly affect an assessment of companies’ investment attractiveness. "These are not questions of tomorrow, but modern realities. It's good that we have started discussing it now. Nevertheless, at this stage it is necessary to form a common understanding for everyone what the ESG principles are. It would be useful to prepare informational materials for business leaders about what these principles are and how to implement them. The second question is who and how will exercise control. Business will not begin to move until the control and motivation mechanisms are understood, until a precise interaction procedure and algorithms are defined. It is necessary to state clearly what it is and how to implement it in practice," commented the director of SPC Doza during the meeting.

Alexander Prokhorov, Head of Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, explained that the department's specialists will prepare informational materials that will allow the capital's industrial enterprises to better understand what ESG is and where to move. The next stage will be development of incentive measures and motivational mechanisms. It is planned to devote 2022 to close interaction with business. The city is entering the second phase of OECD pilot project, in which international experts will present recommendations on the most effective and optimal scheme to involve business in the sustainable development agenda.


Project Office for investment climate improvement is a collegial working body of the Moscow Government, which objectives are to eliminate administrative barriers and create favorable conditions for investment activities and implementation of investment projects in Moscow.

SPC Doza is a leading manufacturer of radiation monitoring equipment and instruments. Since 2009 the company has been implementing elements of environmental management in its activities, performs rate setting and assessing the environmental impact, carries out accounting, control, and maintains appropriate reporting. By now a certificate of Environmental management systems ISO 14001:2015 and GOST R ISO 14001-2016 is received. The company implements a separate waste collection program, a level of waste recycling has reached 70%. Waste is traced from the moment of generation to final disposal.


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