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Alexey Nurlybaev, General Director of SPC Doza: ‘Innovative developments are our driving force.’


Alexey Nurlybaev, General Director of SPC Doza that is one of the largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of radiation monitoring equipment in Russia and the CIS countries, tells about the results of 2021 and plans for 2022 in a special interview to the scientific portal "Atomic Energy 2.0". 

- Alexey, your company ends 2021 with significant production and business successes for the Russian nuclear industry. Tell us, please, more about the most important and interesting of them.

- The year 2021 has become quite successful for us in a variety of ways. They can be divided into sales-related successes and successes related to new technologies and developments.

This year we have made large deliveries of radiation monitoring equipment and systems to Rostov, Kursk and Belarus NPPs, as well as to other institutions of nuclear industry, including the Kurchatov Institute, PNPI, Afrikantov OKBM, RFNC-VNIIEF. The largest delivery of the outgoing year was an Automated Radiation Monitoring System (ARMS) for one of the power units of Rostov NPP. On request of Kursk NPP our company developed and manufactured a batch of aerosol and iodine effluent monitoring systems certified as safety class 3.

The size of deliveries is growing every year. There was a time when we imagined ARMS supplies for NPPs as something grandiose, but now it is our usual work. Among the interesting projects we could mention the delivery of tritium monitoring racks for the industrial building 101 PIK PNPI in Gatchina, batch of mobile Criticality Accident Alarm Systems SRKS-01MD for Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP), as well as deliveries of the RMS "Pelican" for the Radioactive Waste Processing Complex at Kursk NPP.

We also supplied a large number of "Fregat" systems to medical institutions, including cancer centers, throughout Russia within the framework of "Fight against oncological diseases" project of the Ministry of Health. This system is specifically designed for medical institutions. It is compact, inexpensive and easy to maintain. "Fregat" systems are in demand not only in Russian medical institutions, but also among foreign partners. Over the past 3 years "Fregat" has been supplied to India, Qatar, Korea, Turkey, and the UAE.

In general, the medical field is actively developing in our company. It includes the equipment that we produce ourselves, for example, the DAP-meter DRK for determination of the patient's dose during radiographic procedures, as well as the equipment of foreign manufacturers, that we sell on exclusive terms in Russia. Now this direction is growing rapidly and already occupies a fairly significant part of our income. This year in addition to equipping cancer clinics we have supplied several hundred X-ray machines and quality control equipment for X-ray machines. For example, sales of the Dose Area Product Meters DRK-1 have more than doubled over the past 3 years and amount to over 1,200 units per year.

Another area that we are developing is export supplies. This year we have delivered a batch of equipment to China for the nuclear reactor CFR-600 and completed the installation and supervision work of the radiation monitoring system in the multi-purpose irradiation center CNTRD in Bolivia. And we have also released the RZBA-07D with English-language interface. Convenience and ease of use ensured a high demand for the products, this year they were delivered to Chashma NPP, Qinshan NPP in China and to the production of Moltek radiopharmaceuticals in Turkey.

Among new developments the largest installation we have ever produced has appeared, the RZBA-09D. This installation is a full-height booth designed for efficient monitoring of the personnel’s contamination. It was specifically developed for nuclear power plants and immediately proved to be in demand. Now we have two large customers, Kursk and Balakovo NPP. These new Whole Body Contamination Monitors RZBA-09D are highly engineered, they require a large number of assembly operations. To organize an effective serial production of RZBA-09D a decision was made to introduce ROSATOM Production System (RPS). Methodological support was provided to us by our colleagues from JSC "PSR" and the specialists of the PSR development department of Kursk NPP. This was one of the steps in a full implementation of "lean production" system at our enterprise.

This year the dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D has been supplemented with newly developed alpha and beta probes. For the European company Baltic Scientific Instruments we have developed and supplied silicon pin-diodes to register ionizing radiation. We have also developed and manufactured spectrometric monitors that register changes in radon fluxes from soil in order to evaluate seismic activity of the Mediterranean coast for the National Observatory of Athens, Greece.

Also this year SPC Doza has sold its first gamma camera "Delta-T" that is innovative for us not only as a developer and manufacturer, but also as the customer too. Nuclear power plants did not have any special requirements for products of this kind before. We hope that this technology will become customary and be purchased regularly, since gamma cameras are of key importance at the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

There is also one more interesting direction in the field of new developments. We produce semiconductor detectors using new technology, no one else makes such detectors in Russia. Accordingly, there is considerable potential to growth here. Our customers are not only manufacturers of radiation monitoring equipment, but also R&D institutes, institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, space industry and many others.

The year 2021 was also significant for us because SPC Doza turned 30 years old. Luckily, this anniversary fell during a break in coronavirus restrictions and we held a big corporate holiday. We hope it will be no less interesting to celebrate our 35th, 40th anniversaries and so on.

– What goals did you initially set for SPC Doza in 2021? Did you manage to complete them all?

- SPC Doza is a commercial enterprise. Accordingly, its main goal is to earn money and make a profit. From this point of view, the goal for this year was to increase revenue and profit, and according to preliminary results of 2021, this goal has been successfully achieved. Our revenue increased by approximately 20% compared to 2020. If we talk about strategic goals and objectives, then the basis of our strategy was laid by the company’s founders – they are scientific developments and own production. Therefore, we continue to follow the set course by strengthening our scientific and production base.

It can be said that SPC Doza is going with the flow, being in the mainstream of market demand. That is, we choose our path of development in accordance with actual needs of our customers. Our strategy is not a pre-made step-by-step plan for success, but a set of principles that allows us to make decisions every day. This protects us from turning "the wrong way".

– How successfully, in your opinion, have the specialists and the company as a whole been able to adapt to work under conditions of compliance with the rules of coronavirus safety? What relevant management and information technologies have you implemented and are you using now?

- The coronavirus epidemic has been going on for almost two years and various restrictions have become the norm. It cannot be said that this greatly hinders the production process. A positive factor was that we started implementing an information security system even before the outbreak of epidemic, and when a transition to remote work was announced, we already had everything ready for it.

Formally, the transition to "self-isolation" did not affect us, since SPC Doza supplies equipment for nuclear power industry and is included in the lists of those enterprises that had to continue work even in non-working periods. During the epidemic we worked in a "hybrid" mode when the department heads decided which employees had to stay at their workplace and who had to work remotely. Both before the epidemic and after it began, we worked in cloud information systems, and the forced isolation of employees did not affect the operation of these systems.

This year we have successfully conducted a vaccination campaign. Currently, the vaccination rate among the employees of SPC Doza exceeds 60%, and there are almost no diseased people in the current "fourth wave".

– What new innovative projects and directions will ensure for SPC Doza the further sustainable growth in 2022? Please, tell us about your investment program and main development plans for the near future.

– First of all, our investment program is related to the construction of our own production building in Zelenograd, which is to be complete next year. We are preparing to move and going to reequip our production equipment and purchase new machines. There are plans to reequip the metrological service too. For example, we are going to order a new neutron generator, which we have not had before.

Moving to the new building in the coming year will allow us to increase the number of work places, expand the amount of research and development work, enlarge the volume of production and sales, including due to new projects we have already started this year.

We produce both serial products and one-off products for specific customers. For example, for the Scientific Production Association Luch (NPO Luch) this year we have developed a specialized solution to monitor uranium, it will unlikely become a serial product. Or, for example, we make decisions on certification of radioactive waste, which again are individual for each customer.

Of course, in total serial products are more profitable to produce and sell. But for the products to become serial, at first, it is necessary to create something unique, and such developments are, one might say, drivers of development. We are going to develop this area actively.

One of the enterprises that we can altogether call our driver is the Machinary Manufacturing Plant Elemash/ MSZ in Elektrostal. It "generates" a lot of new requests that require innovative solutions. Accordingly, we first introduce them to the MSZ, and then make a serial product, which we further offer to other customers. 

– Tell us more about the progress of construction of your new production facility in Zelenograd. What stage is the project now at, when is it expected to be complete?

- The construction of new building began at the end of 2020, exactly a year has passed since the start of construction. I thought it would go slowly, since we had never worked with objects of this size before. Nevertheless, at the moment the building is ready, facade work is on, glazing is almost completed, all utilities are connected, heating is supplied and much other work is done.

Now the interior finishing starts and during the winter our contractor will deal with the inner part. If this high pace of work keeps, we will be able to move next summer. For a large industrial building, a year and a half is a very high pace.

During the construction process, we had to correct somewhat the project. There were crisis moments associated with a rise in price of building materials and labor shortage caused by coronavirus restrictions, but despite of all this the construction does not stop, we are moving steadily, which I express special gratitude for to our contractor the Industrial Construction Association/PSO-13.

– Which of your employees would you like to mark out in work in 2021?

– In my opinion, it would be incorrect to distinguish any individual employees, since in any projects’ implementation all departments of the enterprise are involved. Any company’s success is always a result of well-coordinated teamwork. At the same time when it does not come to project work, we do have people worth mentioning.So, this year our Ñhief Designer Yuri Martynyuk has become a laureate of the RF Government Prize in science and engineering field, which for the scientist is undoubtedly recognition of a very high level, and for us it is a reason to be proud of his achievements.

Chief Scientific Officer Kubeisin Nurlybayev and Head of International Certification Group Natalia Tsoy successfully develop national standards, and this year their progress in this direction has been significant. There is a task to combine international and national standards into one regulatory system. Thanks to our employees, this complicated work is moving forward. New standards help the entire industry. Different people and organizations have different levels of competence, and to speak the same language and understand each other, there must be common documents that help us communicate, negotiate and interact effectively. 

– What would you like to wish your employees, the industry and public in the coming new year 2022?

– Due to the coronavirus epidemic, of course, first of all I worry about the health of our company's and the industry’s employees. Accordingly, I wish all of you to keep well, your health is above other tasks. As for the professional part, I wish all of you to develop and enjoy your work. Treat it as a place where you face new challenges and overcome obstacles. Each of us sometimes gets tired, and it happens that we want to throw off the burden of responsibility and obligations we face at work and home, and treat it easier. This is not always possible, but if it works out, then in the end you come to a conclusion that everything is not so bad at home, work, in the industry, and even society. I wish you to look positively at problems and difficulties, not to lose optimism and always see wide horizons in front of you.


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