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Feedback on our work from Leningrad NPP


We have got a feedback on our work from Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, affiliate of Rosenergoatom JSC:
SPC Doza is a supplier of lower-level equipment for radiation monitoring systems of power plant units 1, 2 LWR/ VVER-1200 and facilities of protective structures of civil defense (PSCD/ ZSGO) of Leningrad NPP. During operation of this equipment its performance reliability and compliance of its technical characteristics with requirements of the design and regulatory documents have been confirmed. The equipment is provided with operational and repair documentation that is actual and sufficient for its maintenance. Specialists of SPC Doza perform in full the implementation of warranty obligations, engineering support and prompt solving of tasks that arise in operation. We hope for further cooperation and use of up-to-date equipment developments of SPC Doza as part of the radiation monitoring systems of Leningrad NPP.

Within the framework of cooperation with Leningrad NPP for the power plant units our company has performed the supply and installation-supervision work of equipment of our own production, as follows:

  • technical means to monitor the volumetric activity of gases, aerosols and iodine;
  • technical means to monitor the dose rate for gamma and neutron radiations;
  • technical means to monitor the volumetric activity of liquid;
  • technical means to monitor the steam generator leakages.

It was the first delivery of ARMS to a nuclear power plant for SPC Doza. During project implementation, the initial technical assignments of design institute Atomenergoproekt JSC, St. Petersburg, were taken into account. A lot of work of equipment upgrading to meet the highest severity group of electromagnetic compatibility was performed, its reliability in long-term operation was improved and interval between calibrations was significantly increased. In the Data processing and transmission units BOP-1M a group of configurable relay "dry contacts" appeared, which are now successfully used for other nuclear power plants. Equipment to monitor the coolant by gamma radiation was also included in the delivery. Even stricter requirements of class 2U were imposed on this equipment, and it was a new challenge which the company's specialists successfully coped with. The BOPs, class 2U with the wide range gamma area monitor DBG-S11D appeared.

All components of the systems were installed on special racks. Such equipment delivery allowed us to reduce the time and improve the quality of installation.

SPC Doza also supplied radiation monitoring systems for a complex of protective structures of Leningrad NPP, including shelter equipment and control centres. The installed RMSes were provided with up-to-date equipment and meet all the latest requirements of Russian and international legislations and regulations. Actually, this equipment has set RMS standards for complexes of protective structures of nuclear power plants, and nowadays similar systems are installed at Kursk, Kola, Belarus and other NPPs.

The company's specialists conducted a training course for the personnel work with the systems. Now SPC Doza provides engineering support that extends after work completion.

On importance of this project the sales director Olga Gladkova said, ‘Our cooperation with Leningrad NPP began back in 2014. Throughout the entire term of contract implementation there was active work with the customer, who made very serious requirements and at the same time taught us. We produced and delivered a large amount of equipment, which became the basis for the radiation monitoring system of Leningrad NPP. The fact that the project was a good start for SPC Doza development as an RMS manufacturer and supplier to NPP we consider as a main value. It has become our calling card for the development of cooperation with other NPPs.’


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