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Gamma camera DELTA-T placed in commission at Rostov NPP


Rostov NPP has acquired an innovative development of coproduction of SPC Doza with French company Damavan Imaging — Gamma camera DELTA-T.

Specialists of SPC Doza have demonstrated performance capabilities of this new device to the representatives of Rostov NPP, and also performed a number of experiments. The new Gamma camera is a compact device to detect, localize and visualize gamma radiation sources and determine their parameters. It is designed to ensure safety of operating and decommissioned nuclear power plants, experimental and research reactors, critical and subcritical stands, storages of spent nuclear fuel and waste.

The Gamma camera DELTA-T allows significant reduction of search-for-source time, quick visualization of distribution of radiation sources and their radionuclide composition. Unlike conventional dosimeters, the Gamma camera can be located far from sources of ionizing radiation, which reduces the dose burden of personnel.

The representatives of Rostov NPP have been satisfied with the camera’s work. They see its high potential and will consider tasks for which the Gamma camera DELTA-T can be used as efficiently as possible.

Feedback from an affiliate of Rosenergoatom JSC Rostov Nuclear Power Plant:

"Acquisition and commissioning of the Gamma camera DELTA-T was aimed at saving time, costs and reducing the dose burdens of personnel when mapping the fields of distribution of dose rate for gamma radiation on the premises of Rostov NPP, as well as collecting and displaying the results in real time, which the device coped with in full.

The specialists of SPC Doza conducted a training course for the personnel of Rostov NPP on use of the camera under operating conditions. An intuitive interface of software facilitates quick learning of personnel during the training on operating rules of the Gamma camera DELTA-T. The camera’s overall dimensions and weight assist its movement."


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