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Gamma-survey system "Gamma-sensor" by SPC "Doza" in configuration with Mobile monitoring station of Siberian Chemical Combine.


This mobile chemical monitoring station is installed in a van laboratory of the Siberian Chemical Combine, JSC "SCC". The modern equipment makes it possible to measure the concentration of hydrogen fluoride in the atmospheric air all over the SCC sanitary protection area, as well as outside, and perform environmental radiation monitoring on the move.

The gamma-survey systems "Gamma-sensor" produced by SPC "Doza" are designed to measure the ambient dose equivalent rate (ADER) for gamma radiation during radiation surveillance and operational monitoring of radioactive contamination of the area. These systems can be installed on cars and other mobile vehicles, except for air ones.

According to Vyacheslav Shushakov, Deputy Head of Environmental Monitoring Department of JSC "SCC", the new equipment allows them to perform fast and continuous measurements. The modernization of chemical situation monitoring system has made it possible to increase efficiency of obtaining environmental information and to improve the procedures for making management decisions to ensure the current safety of the territory.


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