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Project 22220 nuclear-powered icebreaker "Sibir"has begun its sea trials


On November 16, the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Sibir" left the fitting-out embankment of Baltic Shipyard and headed for the Gulf of Finland where it would commence conducting the program of builders sea trials. During these trials the icebreakers speed and maneuverability performance, functioning of ship-wide systems and automation systems would be tested.

The ARMS "Phoenix", marine version, developed by SPC "Doza" is installed on the icebreaker "Sibir". The ARMS makes possible continuous monitoring of all radiation parameters of reactors of nuclear icebreakers and other vessels with nuclear power plants.

Mikhail Korolev, Lead Engineer of Engineering Support department of SPC "Doza", takes part in the sea trials. His tasks include checking operability of the ARMS "Phoenix" equipment under various operating modes of reactor units as well as training of the icebreakers crew members in the basics of operation and maintenance of this system. Earlier, the company's employees also took part in sea trials of the icebreaker "Arktika", Project 22220 lead nuclear ship. The ARMS provided full radiation monitoring of both dosimetry and process parameters. No comments on operation of the ARMS "Phoenix" were revealed. One more radiation monitoring system is installed on the "Ural", third icebreaker of Project, where fitting-out work is in progress.


By ensuring the maximum level of radiation monitoring and safety on nuclear vessels, SPC "Doza" has cooperated with the "Rosatomflot" since 2005. SPC "Doza" developed and delivered the ARMS "Phoenix", marine version, for all Project 22220 icebreakers. During the creation of the ARMS "Phoenix" more than ten unique units and assemblies were developed. The system includes 120 monitoring points of radiation parameters, 100 monitoring points of non-radiation parameter, as well as contamination monitoring of the skin, overalls and personal dosimetry monitoring of the personnel.

Project 22220 nuclear icebreakers of 60 MW capacity are the largest and most powerful in the world at the moment. They are needed to ensure Russian leadership inthe Arctic. The length of each vessel is 173.3 meters, width is 34 meters, displacement is 33.5 thousand tons. These icebreakers will be able to navigate caravans of ships in Arctic conditions by breaking through ice up to three meters thick.