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ROSATOM Production System project "Improvement of production process of device RZBA-09D" implemented at SPC "Doza"


Within the scope of a large order for Kursk NPP, SPC "Doza" is implementing a project of ROSATOM Production System (RPS) "Improvement of RZBA-09D production process”. A new type of whole body contamination monitors has been developed by the specialists of SPC "Doza" for NPP. RZBA-09D monitors make possible a full measurement cycle within a minimum time, not more than 10 seconds. These monitors are very convenient in operation, and their voice and visual prompts throughout the whole process of measurement allow employees of any qualification to use them. The new equipment is highly engineered, it requires a large number of assembly operations. To organize an effective series production of RZBA-09D a decision was made to introduce ROSATOM Production System. The main goals of the project are to reduce the assembling time and increase labor productivity. Methodological support in implementation of the project is provided by JSC "RPS", industry center for development of ROSATOM Production System. Also, managers and specialists of the RPS development department of Kursk NPP participate in the project on the part of the customer.


ROSATOM Production System (RPS) is a culture of lean production and a system of continuous improvement of processes that are used to ensure competitive preferences on global markets. Industry-specific RPS-projects are aimed at facilitating productivity growth, reduction of production costs and improving product quality, and their main goal is to identify and reduce all types of losses in production and business processes. RPC is a modern way of production site management by control of emergency situations according to such parameters as production plans, safety, quality and operators and equipment utilization.

Photo: Assembling of RZBA-09D for Kursk NPP at production site of SPC "Doza"


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