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SPC "Doza" ready for shipment of large batch RZBA-09D to Kursk NPP


Within the scope of a project portfolio for Kursk NPP, SPC "Doza" has produced a batch of the whole body contamination monitors RZBA-09D. In the course of their manufacturing a project of ROSATOM Production System (RPS) “Improvement of RZBA-09D production process” was implemented in the company. The main goal of the project was to reduce the assembling time from 11 to 3 working days. This goal was achieved due to the use of modern tools and methods of lean production.

Methodological support in implementation of the project to improve the efficiency of production processes at the enterprise was provided by representatives of JSC "RPS", industry center for development of ROSATOM Production System, and specialists of the RPS development department of Kursk NPP. Actual data collection about duration of the production process stages was organized with the use of time-study – measuring of time at all production and assembly sites. Based on the obtained data there was made an analysis of key performance indicators and there were developed solutions to improve productivity at each stage, such as synchronization of actions at different sites so that there would be no downtime, elimination of redevelopment. As a result, it was possible to reduce the time of processes, increase the labor productivity and reduce the number of unfinished products in the production process.

The monitors’ manufacturing work is complete, acceptance tests are successfully carried out, packaging and preparation of RZBA-09D monitors for shipment to the customer are now well underway.