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SPC "Doza" took part in the annual industry scientific and practical workshop "Radiation safety and environmental protection in nuclear industry"


From 20 to 24 of September in Krasnoyarsk an annual industry scientific and practical workshop "Radiation safety and environmental protection in nuclear industry" was held. Organizers of the annual workshop are the State Corporation "Rosatom" and Research and Development Institute of environmental issues (NIIPE).

At the workshop issues of the state of environment and radiation safety in industry, problematic issues of ensuring environmental protection and radiation safety, plans and goals of the SC "Rosatom" and its organizations for the near future were discussed. The workshop was attended by chief engineers, technical directors, heads of structural divisions and specialists of radiation safety and environmental protection services.

Yuriy Teverovsky, R&D group head of SPC "Doza", presented two reports within the scope of workshop’s business program.

The topic of the first presentation was "Prospects of application of gamma cameras at facilities in decommissioning stage". Yuri Teverovsky told the workshop participants about possibilities of application of these instruments at the decommissioning of nuclear power facilities. With the use of gamma cameras it is possible to carry out radiation reconnaissance in case of accidents, search for lost ionizing radiation sources at hard-to-reach places and leaks in the pipelines and fittings, visualize a radioactive waste distribution in the containers. Also in his speech the speaker told about existing ways of obtaining images by various methods and about a new development of SPC "Doza" – gamma camera "DELTA T" that is created according to the classical Compton camera technology. Innovation electronics used in the gamma camera allow you to register events from the detectors with a very high coincidence accuracy. Scintillation crystals are used as detectors, which increases significantly a gamma radiation registration efficiency in the wide energy range. The company’s new development allows you to reduce significantly a source search time, quickly get an image of distribution of radiation sources and their radionuclide composition. SPC "Doza" is open for cooperation in issues of application of the gamma cameras. The specialists are ready to customize camera settings to solve specific practical issues.

In his second report "Terminology differences between Russian and international standards of radiation protection instruments" Yuri Teverovsky told about main problems related to development of standards of radiation protection instruments which requirements are harmonized with the requirements of international standards. Namely: differences in terms and definitions of Russian and international standards, differences in methods of processing the measurement results and use in international standards of dosimetry quantities that are absent in Russian ones. In his speech the speaker emphasized an importance of terminology for standardization and made a conclusion that "the structure of international standards demonstrates a reasonable procedure: a requirement is given, then a test method for compliance with this requirement, and then an interpretation technique of results of this test. Terms and definitions of international standards allow the most complete and competent description of technical and metrological properties of radiation protection instruments."

At the end of his speech Yuri Teverovsky proposed a priority in development of standards: first of all standards of gaseous effluents and releases under normal, accident and post-accident conditions are needed.


SPC "Doza" takes an active part in development of national standards, GOST R, based on international standards IEC. To harmonize Russian standards with international ones the specialists of SPC "Doza" have already developed standards of the State Corporation "Rosatom" "Instruments and instrumentation for measurement or detection of ionizing radiation: "Terms and definitions", "General provisions" and "Processing of measurement results". At the end of last year these three new standards were approved and are undergoing a procedure of administrative and technical measures to carry them into effect.


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