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Yuriy Martyniuk, Chief Designer of SPC "Doza", has become a laureate of the RF Government Prize in science and engineering field


On November 3, 2021 Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed an order on awarding the 2021 government prizes in science and engineering field. 143 people were announced as laureates, including 55 doctors of sciences, 33 candidates of sciences, 34 professors and 15 associate professors.

Chief Designer of SPC "Doza", Yuriy Martyniuk, became a laureate of the Prize as part of the team of authors for development and implementation of an innovation complex of textile production processes of nanofiber nonwoven fabrics and technical means to protect the population, staff and environment against man-made and biological impacts in the interests of national strategic security.

Being a part of author team, Yuri Martyniuk fulfilled a development of requirements for nano- and microfibre nonwoven filter fabrics, their use in design and manufacture of instruments and installations to monitor radioactive aerosols, and also contributed to implementation of these innovation developments in strategically important related industries.

In the course of work performed, up-to-date radiometric installations and systems to monitor radioactive aerosols and iodine with the use of new filtering fabrics were designed, tested, certified and introduced into production. All products are competitive and in great demand on the global market as they are not inferior to foreign analogues at a reduced cost.

Also a successful serial production of radiation monitoring instruments and installations was organized and an implementation of the developed installations and systems in the special control services of the Defence Ministry, State Corporation "Rosatom", Roshydromet, EMERCOM and others was managed. It allowed solving the import substitution task and ensuring the security of strategically important industries.

In addition to supplies in Russia, the new products are exported to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Bolivia, India, China, South Korea.

A creative contribution of Yuriy Martyniuk is reflected in 42 scientific articles, 3 patents based on the work results submitted for the Russian Federation Government Prize in science and engineering field of 2021.

Thus, a close cooperation between the textile industry (development of new generation of analytical filter fabrics based on nanofibers) and instrument-making one (development of new generation instrumentation of aerosol monitoring, instruments and installations with fundamentally new capabilities) allowed successful solving a complex task to monitor radioactive aerosols at nuclear facilities in the Russian Federation and abroad.


A Prize of the Russian Federation Government in science and engineering field is an award approved by the RF government on July 26, 1995. It is awarded annually to scientists and specialists for research and development work that culminated in creation and widespread application in production of fundamentally new processes, engineering, instruments, equipment, materials and substances.

SPC "Doza" has specialized in development of radiation safety instruments and systems since 1991. The companys main directions are design and production of radiation monitoring systems (RMS, ARMS, ERMS), criticality accident alarm systems (CAAS) as well as development and supply of radiation monitoring instruments: dosimeters, radiometers, spectrometers.

Innovative nonwoven nano- and microfibre fabrics are used in the production of:

  • Particulate Monitors UDA-1AB to measure a volumetric activity of aerosols with a function of separation of natural and man-made radionuclides in aerosols;
  • Iodine Monitors UDI-1B and UDI-2 to measure a volumetric activity of all forms of radioiodine;
  • Threshold Alarm Units of Radioactive Aerosols IRAA-01D to measure a volumetric activity of aerosols containing uranium isotopes in the air of work area;
  • Personal Aerosol Samplers IPV-01D;
  • Air Samplers PVP-06 to monitor a volumetric activity of aerosols and iodine in the air of work area;
  • and other instruments to monitor aerosols and radioiodine.