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SPC "Doza" took part in the VI Industry Championship of Professional Skills AtomSkills-2021


From August 11 to 16, 2021 at the platform of IEC Yekaterinburg-Expo, Yekaterinburg, the VI Industry Championship of Professional Skills of the state corporation "Rosatom" was held according to the methodology WorldSkills AtomSkills-2021.

AtomSkills is an industry championship movement that unites all professional skill contests held in the nuclear industry. This year 37 competencies were presented in the championship program. More than 1,100 participants and experts from 32 regions of Russia took part in the championship.

At the exhibition stand of SPC "Doza" there were in-house innovative developments in radiation safety: the universal Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D with new external probes, Radiation and chemical reconnaissance unit PRHR-D, Radiation monitoring system "Fregat", Gamma radiation dosimeter DKG-09D, Gamma-dosimeter DKG-07D and others.

At the professional skills championship AtomSkills-2021 the company's dosimeters were used in a contest for competence "Radiation Monitoring". Radiation protection supervisors qualified by 4 - 7 grades participated in this contest. The expert members were managers and engineers of the Leningrad NPP, Kursk NPP, FSUE "FEO", FSUE "GHK", FSUE "Production Association Mayak" and many others.

During the contest the experts evaluated the participants knowledge of radiation monitoring, radiation-hazardous work management, properties of ionizing radiations and methods of their registration, as well as radiation safety requirements of the modern legal, regulatory and methodological framework. The participants had to determine the presence and location in the room of the ionizing radiation sources, take the necessary measurements, make the cartogram and required calculations.

To perform these tasks, a new universal Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-17D produced by SPC "Doza" was used. According to the contest coordinators, it was not a random choice since one of the contest principles is a study of new equipment. Before the start of the competition, a presentation of the new dosimeter was held, just then the participants began carrying out a contest task, which this dosimeter was used in. During contest tasks a Dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96 was used too. It is distinguished for its reliability and a large variety of probes that allow solving all main tasks of dosimetry and radiometry in all areas of human activity.