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Employees of SPC "Doza" have been thanked for development of standards


The Technical Committee TC322 "Nuclear Engineering" of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology have expressed gratitude to Kubeysin Nurlybaev, Chief Research Scientist, and Natalia Tsoy, Head of International Certification Group, for their active participation in the activities of TC322 on development of national standards within the framework of Subcommittee SC7 "Automated Process Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants".

To harmonize Russian standards with the international ones, standards of the State Corporation "Rosatom" "Instrumentations and apparatus for measurement or detection of ionizing radiation: "Terms and definitions", "General provisions" and "Processing of measurement results" have been developed by the specialists of SPC "Doza". These three new standards were approved at the end of last year and have a procedure of organizational and technical measures performed for them to take effect.

Kubeysin Nurlybaev, Chief Research Scientist of SPC "Doza", has told us about the significance of the new standards for the industry:

A complex of measures to implement "Fundamentals of state policy in the field of ensuring nuclear and radiation safety of the Russian Federation" is taken by the State Corporation "Rosatom". In particular, the task is to harmonize the Russian standards with international ones. One of the biggest challenges until recently was differences in terms and definitions used in the international and Russian standards of radiation protection instrumentations. To solve it, we have developed a standard "Instrumentations and apparatus for measurement or detection of ionizing radiation. Terms and definitions". There were also serious contradictions in the methods of processing measurement results between the national standards that use a concept of "error" to assess quality of measurement and international standards that use a concept of "uncertainty" for this purpose. To eliminate this problem a standard "Instrumentations and apparatus for measurement or detection of ionizing radiation. Processing of measurement results" has been developed. One more obstacle was the presence of physical, operational and normalized values in dosimetry in the international standards, which are not described in the Russian standards. To solve this problem, a standard "Instrumentations and apparatus for measurement or detection of ionizing radiation. General provisions" has been developed.

We have prepared similar standards for both the State Corporation "Rosatom" and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The IEC has three official languages English, French and Russian. And at the same time, there were not even terms in Russian. In the international electrotechnical dictionary there are terms in Lithuanian, Polish, and many other languages, but not in Russian. And now there will be. How does it make our life easier? We can take international IEC standards and use them. After these three basic standards take effect, Russian terms and definitions will match with IEC ones, and if necessary, IEC standards can be adopted as GOST R. This will solve the problem of harmonization of international and Russian standards for dosimetry."