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Photo of the day. Our construction site.


A construction of a four-storey industrial and production building for SPC "Doza" with an area of more than 13,000 m2 is going on a plot between the "Mikron" plant and public transport depot in the northern industrial zone, Zelenograd.

The builders have started a bricklaying work for water closet partitions on the first floor of the administrative and service building. In the production building a reinforcement work for vertical structures of the third floor and concreting work for parapets on the roof along the buildings perimeter is performed. At the same time on all four floors an installation work of HVAC, water-supply and sanitary sewer systems is performed.

The construction is kept on schedule, work does not stop even at weekends. 6 units of construction equipment and about 100 workers and engineers are involved on site every day.