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SPC "Doza" expands its production: the company has started serial production of semiconductor detectors.


On February 3, 2020, an experimental technology department started working at SPC "Doza". At the beginning of its activity the main task of the department was production of silicon semiconductor detectors.

Despite the difficult situation caused by coronavirus, in short time the department's specialists managed to develop and implement production, measurement and assembly technologies. Sensitive elements were obtained and first detectors assembled as early as in the summer of 2020.

This provided an optimization of production of detecting systems that are part of the units manufactured by SPC "Doza". Simultaneously with covering of internal needs of the enterprise, a large batch of silicon products for foreign partners was produced, as well as supply contracts with Russian companies were executed.

Thanks to years of experience and professional skills of the experimental technology specialists, it is possible to develop and produce silicon detectors and photodiodes of all kinds that are in demand on the market, including the field of elementary particle physics. The company is going to replace all the silicon detectors used in the units with detectors of its own production.

The production of silicon detectors was not the only goal of the department. In the summer of 2020 on the basis of the department a production of alpha and beta detectors of large area was organized. The production technology was developed on the process basis of equipment for experiments in the field of high energy physics. In September 2020, the department managed to get the first batch of detectors and reach the scheduled production volumes. These products are already installed in the company's serial and prototype products.

In November 2020 it became obvious that alpha and beta detectors of large areas are extremely popular in the market of radiation monitoring equipment. This required a threefold increase in production volume. Starting December 2020 there are activities aimed at expanding the department as well as launching a new production site that is scheduled for February 2021.