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Experimental Technology department of SPC "Doza": a successful startup.


The experimental technology department began its work on February 3, 2020, it has recently been a year since its forming. During this short period, the department's specialists implemented two large projects at once: they mastered and organized the production of silicon semiconductor detectors, as well as the production of large-area alpha and beta detectors.

At the beginning of its activity, the main goal of the department was the production of silicon detectors applied in the units manufactured by SPC "Doza", such as the radiometer UMF-2000, the monitors of radioactive aerosols and gases. In the shortest possible time, the department's specialists managed to develop and implement production, quality control and assembly technologies. Sensitive elements were obtained and first detectors assembled as early as in the summer of 2020. And by the end of the year the department succeeded in covering all the company's needs for detectors.

The next stage was a development of the second line of activity. It was a production of large-area alpha and beta detectors for the hand-foot-contamination monitor RZBA-07D and the whole-body contamination monitor RZBA-09D for nuclear power plants personnel, and a production of operational monitoring radiometers. In November 2020 it became obvious that these products are extremely in demand in the market of radiation monitoring equipment, and it was decided to increase a production volume by three times. In February 2021 a new production site was opened and the number of employees increased. Now the department has a large staff of qualified specialists who are involved in developing the detector production technologies.

The new department is particularly proud of its development of the layout and manufacturing process for complex coordinate-sensitive detectors, which are applied in research centers in the field of high-energy physics.

In the near future, we plan to increase the production of large-area detectors, to create new structures based on the developed technologies, and to participate in the major international scientific projects.