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30 years of achievements and success!

30 years of achievements and success!

May 10 is a birthday of SPC "Doza". This year the company celebrates its anniversary.

Exactly 30 years ago a great journey was started. It has never been easy, sometimes thorny, but always interesting and fruitful. Over the past years we have reached a lot of milestones, overcome hundreds of obstacles and taken up thousands of challenges.

Today SPC "Doza" is a recognized expert in the development and production of radiation monitoring equipment in Russia and the CIS countries:

  • Over 10,000 partners on all continents, except Antarctica;
  • More than 300 installed radiation monitoring systems ensure safety of a quarter of the Earth's population;
  • More than 1,400 agreements per year in the fields of energy, defence, medicine and mining industry;
  • More than 1000 implemented projects allowing to monitor an area equal to three Europes.

A powerful scientific and production base allows the company to produce new equipment with the use of advanced technologies and scientific discoveries. The product range is updated annually and enriched with new unique developments.

A project of construction of four-storey production building is going on at full speed, and next year the company moves into its own "dream house" and enters a new stage of its development.

So far so good, and we have a long road ahead full of new horizons, discoveries and achievements!