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Dear colleagues, clients and partners!


As you all know the WHO declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, which means the disease has spread over many regions. In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in Russia, President Vladimir Putin announced on March 25 a national quarantine. So according to the presidential Decree we are going to stay home at least until April 30, while the situation is being taken under control.

We hope that all of you will take this situation with understanding and we will together overcome all possible difficulties and delays caused by this pandemic. We want to assure you that even in such restricted circumstances, our team continues to do its best and fulfil our obligations accordingly with available capabilities.

Staying home we nonetheless are all going to stay online, keeping in touch with all of you remotely and trying to solve all business issues promptly. So please do not hesitate to contact us via email, messengers or phone.

General: info@doza.ru
Sales: export@doza.ru


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