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Track mounted "Pelikan": non-standard solutions for Andreev Bay


Successful testing of a track-mounted radiation monitoring system developed by SPC "Doza" has passed at the Andreev Bay

Andreev Bay is the largest in Europe repository for temporary radioactive waste storage. Under the scope of ongoing international project to rehabilitate one of the most radioactive hazardous facilities of Northwestern Russia, used nuclear fuel is being removed from the territory of the Andreev Bay. Special attention is paid to work safety.

By request of the "RosRAO", Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE/FGUP) "Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise", two mobile multichannel radiation monitoring systems UDKS-01 "Pelikan" have been designed and supplied to radiation survey the waste storages. The systems allow continuous radiation monitoring at facilities, thus preventing accidents. UDKS-01 "Pelikan" continuously measures ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma and neutron radiation, volumetric activity of alpha and beta radioactive aerosols as well as beta radioactive gases. These systems provide a measured data acquisition, procession, transfer, representation and storage. A key feature is the track-mounted technical equipment of UDKS-01. It is due to an unusual appearance and design features that these systems has got their nicknames: "Spider" and "Trolley". The "Spider" has a lifting mechanism, extension boom and remote control. The operator can move chassis to the work area and make measures by the boom in the immediate vicinity of the facility. The radiation monitoring system is arranged on a plate that can be placed close to the work area or above it. The technical equipment of the "Trolley" is arranged on an installation plate in the body. It has a platform for the operator who moves it to the work area. The measurement results are transferred to the operators stations, automated workstations installed in mobile caravans. The operators stations can be located at distance 300 m from the work area with the use of Ethernet extenders for data communication links. There is a feature of visual monitoring of the radiation environment by the personnel close to the work area. For these purposes shielded laptops and gamma visor are applied. The laptops represent all measured quantities, and the gamma visor allows to localize visually a place of the ionizing radiation sources. To inform the personnel on radiation environment status at the work area, alarm units are installed on the track-type chassis of the "Spider" and "Trolley". If the set thresholds related to the measurement channel are exceeded, a visual and audible alarm system is activated.