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First demonstration exam for competence "Radiation Protection Supervisor" according to WorldSkills standards was held on the basis of SPC Doza


Masters of the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering/ OINPE NRNU MEPhI took part in the exam. They are pursuing a degree in "Nuclear Physics and Engineering", program "Radioecology and Radiation Safety". The expert group had representatives of "Rosatom" enterprises: Production Association "MAYAK", Public Joint-Stock Company Mashinostroitelny Zavod/ ELEMASH, Kursk NPP, Leningrad NPP, Kolsk NPP and Angarsk Integrated Electrolysis Chemical Plant. All the experts-examiners had passed a training in the union WorldSkills Russia. The demonstration exam for the competence "Radiation Protection Supervisor" was held for the first time. The students did all the tasks successfully and confirmed the high quality of their education. Tatyana Melnikova, an associate professor of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, said about a specific of the exam organizing:  "To organize a demonstration exam for the competence "Radiation Protection Supervisor" according to WorldSkills standards, special-purpose areas with modern dosimetry equipment are required. They allow students to perform fieldwork with observance of all the requirements of a technique. And it makes serious problems for educational organizations. The majority of educational institutions do not have their own production base to hold the demonstration exam. But the necessity of use a strange area is naturally followed by organizing difficulties and financial expenditures suffered by the educational institutions. In our case the problem was solved easily due to an established cooperation with our industrial partner SPC Doza."