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SPC Doza is MEPhI’s industrial partner

SPC Doza is MEPhI’s industrial partner

123 foreign students studied in November-December 2018 at SPC Doza training centre, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering. They also had a tour to Doza production facilities in Zelenograd.

Future engineers from Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Mongolia, who acquire specialities as following: “Nuclear power plants: design, operation and engineering”, “Nuclear physics and thermal physics” (NPP operation), “Nuclear physics and technology” (radiation safety), “Radiation safety of human and environment”, have known how advanced Radiation Monitoring Systems are produced from the stage of development and design in Chief Designer departments to field full-scale testing with the use of example of “Pelikan” Radiation Monitoring Systems and Criticality Accident Alarm System of the project “Proryv” (Breakthrough).

The students had a tour to all the manufacturing areas and shops of SPC Doza such as blanking shop area, mechanical processing shop, welding area, electrical installation and assembly shops, metrological area.

To consolidate their theoretical knowledge, practical training on radiation safety with the use of personal protective equipment, advanced radiometers and dosimeters was held.