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SPC Doza rebranding

SPC Doza rebranding

Our company is already 27 years old. During these years we, starting from a small group of enthusiasts, have grown into a serious business having powerful and extensive scientific and production base. We are a well-known company of generally recognized reputation and high standing nationally and internationally.

We constantly develop and improve ourselves. And it seems logical that our development and aspiration to keep up with the cutting edge of progress find their reflection in changes of corporate identity. However, we value high all the wealth of knowledge and skills we have gained during these years. Rebranding reflects continuity: while keeping the basic existing highlights, it visualizes and represents our company in up-to-date stylistics.

It is said that clothes make the man. A proper positioning and presentation of a company and its product are of the utmost importance for the first meeting. A logo is the first visual representation of the company, which the introduction starts with. Our rebranding starts with logo changes too.

  • In the basis of the logo there is still the same recognizable image of Wilson chamber, showing not only the profile of the company but highlighting the in-house manufacturing. At the same time, 3D format gives it multi dimension, reflects the company development and progress forward with cutting-edge technologies.
  • An extended colour range of the corporate identity, which is based on the blue, light-blue and azure/ sky-blue colours, reflects the company pursuit of knowledge and manufacturing abilities. Gradient variants of company presentation not only make it modern, but demonstrate flexible thinking and constituent dynamics in our job.
  • A possibility of logo use separately from the company name increases the recognizability of our products and company itself as brand. The thoroughly fitted font enlarges logo application in Russian and English variants to be used at the international market.

We would like you to note that due to lead time, both old and new corporate style will be used in documents and products.

New logo

Old logo