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Criticality Accident Alarm System: new projects

Criticality Accident Alarm System: new projects

Criticality Accident Alarm System (CAAS) is one of the most marketable products of SPC Doza.

Together with provision of these systems to potentially hazardous nuclear facilities, an active upgrade of the out-of-date CAASs at the acting enterprises is also ongoing nowadays.

In August 2018 on the premises of the Scientific Research Institute of Instruments in Lytkarino NIIP, CAAS manufacturing, delivery and start-up work was completed. The scope of work included the following:

  • CAAS project development;
  • project expertise performed by the Nuclear Safety Division of the RF State Research Centre of .I.Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering;
  • equipment manufacturing in compliance with the technical assignment and facility specialties;
  • delivery, MEP supervision and start-up work.

At the same time, for the last 2 months in the premises of the production buildings or the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute SPA Luch in Podolsk, three CAASs have been completed and put into operation.

Every CAAS included the following:

  • CAAS Control panel;
  • BR-04D Recording units;
  • Audible and visual alarm units;
  • Accessory equipment.

The delivered and put into operation systems work reliably, without faults or false triggering.

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