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New license obtained


On January 15, 2018 the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia ROSTECHNADZOR granted SPC Doza a license No. TsO-(U)-03-115-10360 giving a right to Operate nuclear equipment in part of work performance and service provision of the operating organization. According to the license, SPC Doza has been given rights to perform work as follows:

  • MEP engineering, start-up, maintenance, repair, engineering service and upgrade of equipment, devices and units of radiation monitoring systems;
  • technical state inspection, diagnostics, testing of equipment, devices and units of radiation monitoring systems;
  • quality control of work performance;
  • development of design engineering solutions;
  • development of process and engineering documentation on the above-said types of work.

Facility, for and/or in respect of which the applied activity is performed, is as follows:

  • constructions, systems, units with nuclear materials designed for production, processing, transportation of nuclear fuel and materials, including:
    • uranium ore mining,
    • hydrometallurgical processing,
    • refining/finishing,
    • sublimate production,
    • metallurgical production,
    • separation of uranium isotopes,
    • radiochemical processing of nuclear fuel.