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SPC "Doza" executive was interviewed in China

SPC "Doza" executive was interviewed in China

Interview with Alexey Nourlybaev, SPC "Doza" Ltd.

DPS: Could you share your background with us? When did you join Doza and what’s your position?

Alexey Nourlybaev: I graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics State University in 2003. This university is the main source of well-educated personnel for nuclear facilities in Russia. I have explored different areas of business – information security, video surveillance systems, etc. But finally in 2009 I joined Doza as the Head of Service and Support. Now I have grown to Head of Sales and Distribution, shifting my focus to setting and achieving strategic goals for the company.

DPS: What’s the historical background of Doza? How was Doza created?

Alexey Nourlybaev: SPC “Doza” Ltd. was founded by several employees of the main metrological research institute in Russia straight after the revolution in 1991 when an opportunity of creating your own company had arisen for any man with business acumen. My father, Kubeysin Nurlybaev, who had the initial idea of creating the enterprise, became Doza’s first director. The name “Doza” means “dose” in Russian, it eloquently explains the company’s line of business. Doza started with supplying radiation monitoring equipment almost from scratch and in my opinion company’s success is the result of the incomparably hard work of the founders.

DPS: You are one of the main suppliers of equipment for the radiation monitoring and radioecology applications, could you tell us more about other activities?

Alexey Nourlybaev: Nowadays Doza is relatively large company for the market segment, employing over 200 people. We have recently finished constructing a separate manufacturing building which boosts Doza’s growth potential significantly. We mainly focus on the following segments in the market: portable radiation monitoring and spectrometry, radiation monitoring systems (RMS), medicine and lab equipment, calibration devices. Doza’s huge range of devices greatly diversifies our income and makes Doza fairly independent from demand changes in the market. We deal with almost every aspect of radiation monitoring and control, looking for a way to offer complete solutions to a customer.
In addition, Doza issues its own scientific magazine “ANRY” which is very popular among radiation monitoring professionals in Russia. We also arrange refresher courses, inviting the best scientists as lecturers. Our private educational institution is called “Monitoring and Safety”. It has all the licenses required and issues official certificates to its students.

DPS: What’s your strategy to ensure your products’ competitive edge?

Alexey Nourlybaev: The composition of innovative features, high quality and fair prices makes Doza one of the most competitive equipment manufacturers in Russia. The metrological background of our founders allows Doza to provide unique measuring accuracy, which is considered very valuable by Russian specialists. Our experts participate in standards and requirements development as members of several domestic and international technical committees. The radiation monitoring segment is strictly regulated, which makes standards compliance mandatory, requiring Doza to supply equipment only after thorough tests of every piece. It is very important to continue being the leading manufacturer, not only supplier, although many companies which I know have switched from making their own equipment to reselling. In my opinion it is a dead end for a company itself and its activity area.

DPS: What’s your strategy on product R&D? How much share does your R&D take in Doza’s annual budget?

Alexey Nourlybaev: R&D is one of the main departments in Doza. I cannot disclose exact numbers but our R&D account is almost unlimited. The only limit for research is the number of experts in the market. Doza has fairly strong team of researchers and is still headhunting in Russia and abroad. For example, we had to “steal” a highly-skilled scientist from CERN. Doza also employs students from the main technical universities in Russia.

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