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Official opening of the authorized Unfors Instruments service center

Official opening of the authorized Unfors Instruments service center

On September 10, 2010 in Zelenograd at SPC DOZA an official opening of the authorized service center of a Swedish company Unfors Instruments took place.

The necessity of opening this center is determined, first of all, by sufficient number of measuring instruments manufactured by Unfors Instruments company and currently in use in Russia, and, secondly, considerable repairs times, which had to be performed in Sweden. At present repair and maintenance service takes less than a month instead of 3-4 months before the center was open, and the repair costs were significantly reduced because of elimination of transportation costs.

Today SPC DOZA, being the exclusive representative of Unfors Instruments in Russia and CIS countries, is able to offer absolutely full spectrum of technical and informational support for supplied products, including training of specialists, metrological certification, and technical service. All complex of services is provided with the use of manufacturing capabilities of SPC DOZA, which is located in Moscow. In Russia there are no other instruments in this field of measurements, for which comparable support is provided by vendors and suppliers.

Earlier we announced an agreement on opening of the service center of Unfors Instruments. The cardinal problem during realization of the agreement consisted in development of technological procedures ensuring the highest quality in accordance with European standards.

The certified quality management system maintained by SPC DOZA facilitated adaptation of its organizational structure and manufacturing processes to a long list of requirements laid down by Unfors Instruments.

During the period from March to August of 2010 SPC DOZA and Unfors Instruments thanks to joined efforts have formed in Moscow a stock of spare parts and components, hold training of personnel, modernized metrological base and developed a system of information exchange. After completion of all preparatory works Mr. Rasid Dedagic, head of service department at Unfors Instruments, has arrived in Moscow and performed a thorough inspection.
Mr. Rasid Dedagic checked the entire procedure of service maintenance (see photos) and as a result the service center was certified.

For Unfors Instruments this authorized service center is the first one outside the company’s structure and the third in the world. The first center is located in Sweden, the second one is in the USA, and the third is open in Russia at SPC Doza in Zelenograd. On the next day after authorization of the center repair was performed of three instruments earlier delivered from customers.

In addition to repair the service center also performs metrological certification and modernization of universal dosimeters Unfors Xi.

Please, direct any requests connected with maintenance service using any of the following contacts:

tel +7 (495) 777-13-35; +7 (495) 777-84-85 доб.291

fax +7 (495) 742-50-84