ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 17025 RMRS

Quality Management System

Quality management system is a basis of the management system of the Scientific Production Company “Doza”.
The Quality Manual is a principal and guiding document of the Quality Management System.
The following processes are defined: processes necessary for the QMS, their coordination and sequence; criteria and methods for ensuring effectiveness of realization of and control over these processes; procedures for supply of resources and information, necessary for support of and control over these processes; procedures for monitoring, measurement and analysis of these processes; measures for achieving planned results and continuous improvement of these processes.
The basis for activity, functioning and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in accordance with principles and requirements of international standards at the Scientific Production Company Doza is represented by the Quality Policy.
Quality of products and services offered by the SPC Doza is ensured by responsibility of each employee for results of his/her activity and for the success of the company in general.

Our priorities:
  • creative approach to activity;
  • team spirit in work;
  • readiness for changes.
Our values:
  • company employees which form its intellectual resource and capital;
  • image of the company.
Compliance with the requiements of the Quality Management System and continuous increasing of its efficiency is the guarantee of stability of high quality of works performed. For the purposes of feedback with the customer we offer the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire.