Radiation monitoring equipment


Highly sensitive gamma radiation dosimeter.
Precise wide range dosimeter for radiotherapy, clinical dosimetry and ionizing radiation metrology.
The dosimeter DKG-02U “Arbiter” with a wide measurement range and easily decontaminated hermetical case, suitable for operation in severe environment. The dosimeter indicates dose rate and dose (operator’s exposure) that makes it a convenient tool for performing radiation surveys under radiation accident conditions. While performing surveys of territories, buildings or equipment, the user can save measurement results in the dosimeter’s memory, add a comment (for example, name of measurement point) and transfer this information to a personal computer later, after the survey is finished.
Easy-to-use, reasonably priced dosimeter, convenient for radiation surveys. Measurement result and corresponding uncertainty are updated continuously from the start of measurement. Audible signals help the operator to obtain fast estimations of radiation levels.
The device is intended for determination of patient doses received during diagnostic radiology procedures.

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